Nutritional plans & workouts to meet your goals
Whether you simply want to lose fat, gain muscle or be healthy – or you want to work on a specific sport or combination of goals – ETP Fitness will tailor your workouts to accommodate.
Assessments & check-ins via Skype/Facetime
Can't make it to the gym every day? ETP Fitness will assess current fitness levels, Identify training needs & Select/monitor training regimens through Skype and Facetime to keep you on track.
Gym or Home Training Available
Choose from a Private gym where all clients have trainers, there are no walk-ins and its never over crowded, or I will travel to homes or your gym. Prices on Home Training may vary depending on location and distance.
Age : 39 years old
Training Experience : 12 years

My name is James Lott and I am a Personal Trainer with 12+ years experience. I started as an NASM (National Academy of Sports and Medicine) certified trainer and am now a NCEP (National College of Exercise Professionals) certified trainer. Both certifications are strong in functional training. More of my background includes:

  • • BA in Psychology
  • • EMT certification
  • • Firefighter, LAPD, & SanDiego Sheriff's physicals & CPR
  • • Head trainer; Bally's Total Fitness.

Whether you are in shape or never worked out in your life I am the trainer for you. I have trained people of all ages, nationalities, sizes and walks of life, male and female. Do not miss an opportunity to get in shape because of timidness.

This will be an awesome Game Changer in your life.
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